Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily Nicolella is a fiber artist and joy-seeker.

She is a fan of poached eggs, happy dogs and her husband's curly hair.

The Last Day of September

Another calendar page to turn. Another September has come to a close. Another autumn is dawning. The change from summer to fall is more and move visible every day here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. To catalog the fleeting beauty of this time of year and to experiment a little with my camera (something I don't do enough of), I took a walk around my yard after dinner, Canon in hand. I just ordered a prism online which came in the mail this weekend, so I had fun playing around with my new gadget as well. All the effects you see are in-camera and in fact, other than maybe three of the shots below that were underexposed, none of these have been edited at all. 

The Brown & Hoover Family

A Wet Rope Makes a Tighter Knot -The Stiltenpole Wedding