Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily Nicolella is a fiber artist and joy-seeker.

She is a fan of poached eggs, happy dogs and her husband's curly hair.

The Brown & Hoover Family

Leonard and Mary Jane Brown are just the greatest. They have been friends of my family for as long as I can remember and Leonard was our elder at church when I was young. When I think of the two of them I think of genuine care. When they talk to you they honestly want to know how you are, they truly are happy to see you happy. Their children and their spouses and children are all people I have also grown up around and they're each equally sweet and caring. Len and Amy and their children go to my church and Jenny and Nate's wedding was the first I ever attended as a young girl. When I was asked to do a family shoot for them I knew it would be a great one - they are a beautiful family that is full of life (and as you will see, plenty of silliness too)! 
We did the shoot a few moments away from where I went to elementary school in southern Lancaster at the historic Bartshire Farm, an 18th Century house and barn with gorgeous grounds. Between the beautiful people, the scenic location and the perfectly-lit evening, this was a really amazing shoot. I love when those things all line up!


Adrienne & Adam & Baby-to-Be

The Last Day of September