Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily Nicolella is a fiber artist and joy-seeker.

She is a fan of poached eggs, happy dogs and her husband's curly hair.

A Wet Rope Makes a Tighter Knot -The Stiltenpole Wedding

Most of the weddings I photograph are for friends and this is a great honor for me. What better way to enjoy the wedding of a friend than to be a part of it--be there close by for all the little moments rather than watching at a distance? I kind of feel like paparazzi in a thrilling (non-irritating) way. I have an 'in.' I get to be right there when the bridal party get their hair done, when the groom and bride see each other for the first time, when the the special dances are shared and when the groom and his new wife smash cake in each others' faces. There's a lot of pressure but there's a lot of joy too. 
I photographed the engagement and wedding of my fiancΓ©'s best friend, Zack and his now-wife, Kelsey. Zack and Jake have been buds since their elementary days, I think their meet-cute includes bonding over staples or tacks or some sort of childhood anchoring item. I myself met Zack and Kelsey shortly after Jake and I started dating, when we attended an Avett Brothers concert together in Pittsburgh. Regardless, Zack and Kelsey are a hip and thoughtful couple who obviously care for and about one another dearly. Their wedding day was beautiful, personal and a sweet and simple display of their creativity and care. The rain didn't hinder a thing--I'd say the photos came out only brighter because of it. I am proud of these images and overjoyed for this couple. I hope to be spending lots more time them in the years to come. 


Enjoy :) 


The Last Day of September