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I don't think it's a secret that my nephews are adorable and that I'm madly in love with them. I've gushed on my blog about them before and wrote them each a letter. One of the most giant of blessings I've been enjoying in moving home is that I get to spend more time with my family, including these two little men, bubbling with life and discovery and the most cutest faces I ever did see.
I babysat them for a little while the other day and upon realizing that I have about a gazillion photos of Gavin as a child but not nearly as many of Luke (the poor forgotten second child syndrome) I brought my camera along with me.
 I'm so happy to get to share some of the photos of the two of them with you, but my favorite part of my time with the boys was Gavin's time with the camera. He has been curios about my camera, the thing I've stuck in his face since his birth, for quite some time now and loves hamming it up when I bring it out. While we were playing outside he asked if he could take some pictures so I gave him a quick child-friendly guide on how to take a photo and most importantly, how to not destroy the most expensive thing he'd yet held in his small hands. Gavin's maiden voyage in photography was a success and he cried when I finally took it from his him. Isn't it so neat to see things from a child's point of view? They have such a humble view of the world around them. 

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The following are all Gavin originals! He's an incredible little man. 

Babysitting Boys (26 of 26).jpg

These are some shots I took on my phone of Gavin using my camera.
I love his stance and his struggle to keep the heavy camera in his hands. 

A Wet Rope Makes a Tighter Knot -The Stiltenpole Wedding

The Longs at Longwood