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She is a fan of poached eggs, happy dogs and her husband's curly hair.

Feathers & Bunnies & Lace - The Metzler Wedding

I've known Dustin and Kelsey for many years and sharing this day with them and their family and friends was a special treat. Their wedding was also my first of the summer season and it was an incredible kickstart indeed. It's always an amazing glimpse of heaven to be at a wedding where two people so dearly love one another and most certainly love the Lord who brought them together. This was one of those weddings. 

I must give a giant thanks to my second shooter, Shannon of Shannon Odell Photography whose photos are sprinkled throughout this blog post and whose work can be seen more here. She is a calming presence, a beautiful capturer of emotion and event details and a sweet friend who is also engaged and to be married in a few short weeks. It was a girly thrill to get to talk weddings and fiancés with her throughout the day. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights from the day!


Metzler Wedding-jpgs-3.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-24.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-26.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-27.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-44.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-32.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-51.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-43.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-36.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-38.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-37.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-39.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-41.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-42.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-54.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-9.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-55.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-61.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-30.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-56.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-57.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-58.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-66.jpg
Metzler Wedding-jpgs-62.jpg

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Metzler!

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