Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily Nicolella is a fiber artist and joy-seeker.

She is a fan of poached eggs, happy dogs and her husband's curly hair.

Coffee + Tea + Design

I've been updating my portfolio recently and took some photos in my apartment this morning of a brochure I made that asks the reader who they'd rather wake up to: coffee or tea. It poses each beverage as a persona - a character that carries with it the emotions, stereotypes, lifestyle and even snack choices of those who drink each respective drink. The wood floors in my apartment were a perfect backdrop for the morning, homey feel of the project and the coffee I was drinking and pajamas I was wearing just so happened to play along nicely as well.


I am proud to say I designed this brochure top to bottom, from the photo shoot locations/styling (with help from my awesome models and Becki Watlington and her home) to the photos themselves to the text filling the pages. The main page copy was actually excerpts from a blog post I had written years ago. Below is that text in case anyone is more curious to determine if they're a coffee or tea type of folk:

So you're a tea drinker-eh?

 Do the words 'english breakfast' make your toes curl up with anticipation? Do you take it with honey or cream and sugar? Do you go ga-ga for green tea? Does chai make you chipper? Or is it those earthy herbal teas that steep in your thermos? Your cupboard is overflowing with teabags and looseleaf in crumpled brown bags and a nice new teapot is at the top of your birthday list and maybe a gift certificate to 'teavana' was in your stocking on Christmas morning. A granny sweater, some cozy chamomile steeping in an extra large mug, a plush chair and that book you haven't been able to put down can make you giddy to say the least.Are you shaking your head right now? just not connecting with anything I said yet? Stay with me...

You're a coffee drinker?  

You take yours so black you feel your teeth under siege. Or no--you dump so much flavored creamer in the cup it tastes more like a cup of hot melted ice cream than it does coffee? A deep inhale of that fresh bag o'beans aroma makes you close your eyes and smirk.  And espresso? Don't even start. A stop at Starbucks or Dunkin' or your favorite downtown cafe can give you the juice to get through any day--even those days when it's sleeting and you have a cold and you forgot your wallet and your socks are wet already and it's only 9 am. You don't just drink it for the caffeine--you drink it because it truly is the best part of waking up, even if you have coffee stains on that white t-shirt, your car's passenger seat and your teeth, despite Crest's best efforts.

Are you option c--none of the above?

Maybe you just like water the best. (If so, you're really missing out, I it up, water?) I must say that I am sort of all of the above. I love mint medley with a spot of sugar, black english breakfast tea with a spot of 2% and honey just as much as a freshly-ground, french-pressed blonde roast with some half and half and maybe a squeeze of chocolate syrup and whipped cream on top if it's been a hard day.

Whatever you favorite beverage--your day deserves a jolt so drink up! I get excited about treats and a cheap treat (when compared to say, a new outfit), is a indulgent drink. Don't be afraid to have fun in your own kitchen and create tasty drinks at home too. One of my favorite new coffee/tea treats is homemade creamers-there are a ton of blogs out there with easy recipes.

So my personal verdict is...undecided. Even though I wish I could be the idealized woman that drinks tea, throws pottery, quotes Jane Austen and finished every crossword puzzle she starts, I'm far from that. And of course I also romanticize of being the slender, sexy black coffee drinker who wears black silk rompers and fedoras and travels to Italy to drink espresso with her gal pals every summer. I am not that person either.  I fit somewhere in the middle and that's okay. Keeps things interesting :) So sip from your mug or your glass and enjoy the enormous blessing that is the sense of taste, my friends.


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