Based in Brooklyn, New York, Emily Nicolella is a fiber artist and joy-seeker.

She is a fan of poached eggs, happy dogs and her husband's curly hair.

A Marine & His Bride

Chris and Steph are friends whom I have known for years--Chris and I actually appear in the same kindergarten class photo from 1995 at Little Britain Elementary School. These two are a wonderful couple who clearly love each other deeply and truly and their day was one of beautiful celebration and a straight up good time.
Though they were technically married a year ago, this day was a renewal and rededication of their vows and commitments to one another. Chris is a marine stationed in North Carolina where the two live with their adorable cats. I hope you enjoy this peek at their photos!

{A big ol' thanks to Jake Nicolella for being my second shooter on this one. Some of the photographs shared here--including the images of the guy's getting ready--are his. He's good.}

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Rachel, the Sweet Senior

Adrienne & Adam & Baby-to-Be